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The award-winning IoT Baseplate concept integrates an encapsulated IT unit into the housing of a traffic baseplate to extend it to an intelligent, networked and mobile „Internet of Things“ solution.


IoT Baseplate

IoT Baseplate contains depending on several functions a combination of sensors, processor, GPS, SIM, LPWAN, battery packs and switches integrated in the stand intake.

IoT Baseplate is thus able to detect, communicate, transmit and receive realtime data onsite at traffic events.

IoT Baseplate can be installed everywhere without any additional infrastructure, is immediately ready for operation, robust, energy self-sufficient, modular stackable, compatible with further roadwork facilities (e.g. warning sign trailers) and can be included in existing working processes without any additional effort.

IoT Baseplate is unique in market and protected by international patents.


IoT OnOff is the intelligent “On-Off Switch” for traffic events. IoT OnOff is capable of detecting and sending a roadworks start and end by plugging in or off the pole of the sign. IoT OnOff locates every traffic sign with GPS and monitors its status.

IoT Cam is a self-sufficient traffic camera immediately ready for operation at any traffic event – without having to search mounting options or connections for power supply and data.

IoT Time combines two modules measuring travel time for the distance between via WLAN and / or Bluetooth.

IoT Traffic can be installed flexibly and works self-sufficiently for traffic counts, speed measurements and vehicle classification using radar sensors.

IoT Light is the intelligent enhancement of conventional light beams. The LED baseplate is clearly visible to car drivers and less distracting. Multiple IoT Light units can be combined to a traffic-dependent controlled light chain and linked to further traffic safety facilities (e.g. warning sign trailer).

IoT Powerbank extends the operating time of IoT Baseplate modules by simple stacking. But it can also be used as robust mobile battery pack at construction sites or as emergency range extender for electrical vehicles.

IoT Hub links as bidirectional LPWAN Gateway various IoT Baseplate and further IoT sensors with server or cloud infrastructure. Furthermore IoT Hub can be used as mobile WLAN Hotspot.

IoT C-ITS is the Car-to-X gateway between all IoT Baseplate modules and connected vehicles.


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